Savings, costs fall.


Easy, just refueling.


Safe, improves occupational safety.


Domestic, Movalube is a Finnish keyflag product.

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"It is a great deal that lubrication doesn't have to be done manually. Lack of lubrication will eventually lead into an unnecessary wear and tear and it will become expensive over time."

Schmitz Cargobull Finland is owned by its German sister company Schmitz Cargobull AG which is Europe’s biggest trailer company.

Markku Salo, Schmitz Cargobull Finland Ltd

"MovaLuben users are mainly satisfied with MovaLube since it offers savings in maintenance and saves time."

Veho is a Finnish car dealership company that also works in Sweden and Baltic countries.

Henri Happonen, Veho Ltd, Mercedes-Benz

"If the customer has once required MovaLube it will also be an additional component for the future trucks. We have gotten positive feedback from the lubrication systems. "

Working with MovaLube is smooth and flexible Fokor Ltd produces innovative superstructures for customers needs. MovaLube lubrication system is installed in handful of them as an additional component.

Nina Vepsä, Fokor Ltd

"Recently we installed MovaLube into couple of our trucks and since then we have been very satisfied. We are able to install MovaLube lubrication system, because we have gotten a training for that. This is a very promising thing for the future."

Volvo Truck Rental is a company located in Vantaa which specializes in truck rental for different types of needs.

Jonny Österholm, Volvo Truck Rental, Volvo AB

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