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Savings, costs fall.


Easy, just refueling.


Safe, improves occupational safety.


Domestic, Movalube is a Finnish keyflag product.

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The strongest central lubrication system on the market

Movalube is a central lubrication system for anyone who require durability and reliability from their lubrication system. It works on all devices that use hydraulic pressure. E.g. tail lifts, hooklifts, cranes, excavators and many other work machine.


Movalube central lubrication system brings savings and safety

  • Movalube central lubrication system will improve the durability of your machinery. Due to the time saved in maintenance, your device has 2 extra working days a year.
  • At the same time, the cost of maintenance will decrease since there is no need for lubrication maintenance.
  • Movalube central lubrication system will quickly pay itself back.
  • Movalube central lubrication system, will increase the value of the device.
  • Central lubrication saves also costs of trade. A particularly significant saving is in the maintenance contract and rental trucks.
  • Increases work safety! Continuous lubrication keeps joints and pins in a good condition. With central lubrication you can avoid unexpected damage which is allways a safety hazard.
  • Movalube lubrication system is easy and quick to install. We have installation instructions for every tail lift brand and also brand specific installation kits.

Central lubrication system for demanding use

Originally Movalube was invented for hard use. It is made to withstand snow, ice, shake and mud. Movalube doesn’t require electricity or pressured air. It doesn’t have any wires that could oxidize or any sensitive circuits that could break. Movalube takes all of its power from the hydraulic of the greased device.

Movalube is at its best in challenging conditions. Movalube systems are working e.g. in mining drill rigs and concrete spraying equipment, in various grapples such as scrap and waste grapples in recycling and power plants. Movalube works even in the power plants hot ash silo. Movalube also works flawlessly in northern cold environment.

Because of its strong and patented structure Movalube will remain usable even when stored for long periods of time. The device will not oxidize in wet environment. Contrarily it’s moving parts are always lubricated, even when not in use.

The benefits of Movalube


Fully domestic product


Extremely durable with 2 years warranty


Doesn’t depend on electricity to work instead draws its power from hydraulics.


ADR machine


Fully adjustable and patented system


Works in harsh weather and can be supplied with thicker grease


Easily adjustable add-ons, for example knuckle pins can be installed later separately


Fits every device that uses requires lubrication and works on hydraulic power

Why Movalube?

Movalube is fully Finnish product. It has been designed and manufactured in Finland and is currently owned by a Finnish entrepreneur. The device is extremely durable since it is able to function in all kinds of weaethers. Because of these reasons we give 2 years warranty on every device we sell.

Key feature why MovaLube is such a great functioning device is because it doesn’t require any electricity to work. MovaLube draws all of its power from the hydraulics of the machine that is supposed to be lubricated which also makes it an ADR-device. Movalube is an great addition in trucks or cars that supply dangerous cargo (VAK / ADR).

In the Movalube system, it is possible to use thicker NLGI 2 grease. It works with all NLGI 00 – 2 greases suitable for central lubrication equipment.

How does it work?

Movalube central lubrication system works by using the pressure that hydraulic devices make. For example tail lift lubrication happens during the elevation of the platform. Every lubrication point can be adjusted individually. If needed every lubrication line can also be closed individually.

Central lubrication works fantastically in all0 kinds of devices that uses hydraulic. Earthmoving machines, tipper, hooklift and crane trucks as well as trailers are typical installation targets of Movalube.

Movalube system grows as needed. For example knuckle pins of steering axles are easy to add to the lubrication system of tail lift or hook lift. As well as lubrication of slewing bearing is easy to install in the Movalube system of trailer’s tail lift.

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