MovaLube keeps the tail lift lubricated always and in all weather conditions

MovaLube keeps the tail lift lubricated always and in all weather conditions. Every third tail lift faces significant wear or mechanical failure during the first three years of operation. Result is loss of revenue and unnecessary expensive high repair costs. This is usually due to failure to lubricate the equipment regularly.

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Solution is MovaLube: tail lift lubricates itself

MovaLube is a patented central lubrication solution. It is installed on the vehicle frame and uses tail lift’s own hydraulic pressure to automatically lubricate tail lift’s hinges. MovaLube brings measurable benefits to fleet owner, lift manufacturer, operator, service operators and leasing companies.

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MovaLube Oy at Elmia Lastbil 2016 Trade Fair

MovaLube Oy participates in the biggest trade fair for the h


Hakonen Solutions Oy orders 40 MovaLube TL for their fleet

Hakonen Solutions Oy renews part of their fleet and orders 4


MovaLube Oy at Logistics-Transport 2015 Fair on 11-13th of June, 2015 in Helsinki

MovaLube TL12 will be displayed and operated at “Logistics-T

Improves your fleet´s operation rate
Improves work place safety
Works in all weather conditions
Help to keep schedules
Fast pay-back time
Easy to install
Improves resale value and extends service free operation time