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Movalube products

Movalube product lineup begins with the base MovaLube device which has a large 5 litre grease tank. It is possible to purchase new add-ons directly for the base device. In addition buying new add-ons for separate function using transfer-pump is also possible.

The base device

Serial numberName
R30M412Movalube: 12 grease points, grease tank 5 L

Other pump blocks

Serial numberName
20001Movalube grease pump: 2 grease points
20006Movalube grease pump: 6 grease points
R30ML406Movalube grease pump: 6 grease points
R30ML412Movalube grease pump with flange: 12 grease points
222Movalube transfer pump

Installation kits for tail lifts

Serial numberName
204installation kit Zepro
206installation kit Dhollandia LV and LSP
207additional installation kit Dhollandia LM and RM products
208installation kit Palfinger (and others)
287tube kit TL12, grease and hydraulic tubes
287.1tube kit TL12, grease and hydraulic tubes, vetokidalliset autot
287.2tube kit TL12, grease and hydraulic tubes, with extended tubes 2,5 m

Installation kits for other purposes than tail lifts (for example hooklifts) will be created with each individual installation.

The grease


If required MovaLube also works with thicker NLGI2-class grease. When planning bigger lubrication systems the quality of grease must be taken into considerations. The base grease MovaLube uses is Q8 Oil-grease.

The grease is supplied into Movalube refill system as bulk delivery. Refill systems which are maintained by hand or with pressured air are supplied normal pack sizes which are 18 kg buckets and 50 kg and 180 kg barrels.

The most commonly used greases:

  • Q8 Rubens 00
  • Q8 Rembrandt EP1
  • Q8 Rembrandt EP2

(More information about Q8 Oil-greases: www.sanup.fi/q8 or www.q8oils.fi)

Refill pump

Hand maintained manual filling device for 18 kg bucket or 50 kg barrel.

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