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MovaLube’s story began in 2008-2010

The name Mova was originally inspired by combining 2 of the founders last names, Jukka Moksi and Lasse Valto. By the time both of the founders had a long history working with tail lifts an other hydraulic devices. When the invention of Movalube began Jukka was repairing and selling tail lifts while Lasse was an retired sale manager from Focolift company (which was a part of Cargotec group).

Jukka and Lasse both knew that there were a significant problem with current tail lifts. They were not lubricated well enough which caused them to broke down unreasonable quick. Most of the tail lift users didn’t remember to grease their devices or they simply didn’t understand the necessity of lubrication. At that time most of the central lubrication systems were not reliable, some units were broken even before installation.


The development of Mova

Initial idea of making very own central lubrication system came from Jukka. Lasse was an important part of the development work.

The goal was to make a lubrication system that would work guaranteed even in cold weather or in shaky environment. From the beginning the decision to use hydraulic as main the power source was clear. This decision helped Movalube to become much more reliable than its competitors, since it was safer and not prone to electrical issues, which tend to be hard to solve.

Jukka and Lasse together designed, made parts and built the devices. It didn’t took long until the first Mova was built and installed into Jari Silvola’s truck. The first Mova turned out to be reliable and strong. It is in hard use even today.

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Design protection and patent

From the beginning design protection and patent were on the sought. The product have been improved over time and its applications are constantly growing.

The main principle has always been same. Movalube uses hydraulics from the device that requires lubrication. It also lubricates only when the main device is on use.

Our goal is to keep making the most durable and reliable lubrication devices. We always work with quality in mind and that is domesticity is very important to us. Our components and assembly is done in Finland.

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