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MovaLube lubrication system is an excellent equipment for work machines

MovaLube central lubrication system is an important equipment also in work machinery. When the lubrication system functions in harsh condition, it is just good for us.

MovaLube lubrication systems have been installed in excavators and wheel loaders.

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Why MovaLube?

Robust Movalube construction stands shocks and bumps. Because it works with a hydraulic power, it can’t have any oxidation or other electrical fails.

Movalube works when the machine to be lubricated is running. Movalube operates according to the selected work cycle and each lubrication point is adjusted separately. That’s why Movalube keeps your machine cleaner and uses grease only when necessary. Volume of grease tank is 5 liters, so it has a long refill interval.

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Where is MovaLube used?

  • Movalube lubricating systems are used, for example, in many different lifters and cranes. For example in loader cranes and scissor lifts.
  • Mova is a competent equipment also in various grabs and hydraulic concrete pulverizers.
  • Mova systems have been designed and installed on many different machines and work devices.

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