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Domestic, Movalube is a Finnish keyflag product.

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Central lubrication – pick an unique Movalube lubrication system

For the joints and the bearings of heavy-duty cars and machines.

Movalube lubrication system is an unique, because all of its power comes from hydraulic instead of electricity. Movalube is the result of long development process. It has a great reputation amongst different carrier firms and tail lift producers.

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Where Movalube fits?

Movalube was originally invented for hard equipment use, especially for tail lifts. However it has proven to be an excellent equipment in other devices such as cranes and different kinds of work related machinery.

In trucks and trailers Movalube system lubricates e.g. tail lifts, hooklifts, loader cranes, tipper trucks and trailers. Also popular lubrication targets are trailer swivel rings and bearings.

Movalube central lubrication system is being trusted amongst different types of cargo and logistic firms. In addition Movalube has great reputation amongst firms that specialize mining or ground making. Our customers are typically consumers that require durability from their hardware. Movalube is a perfect product for a firm that wants to keep their expenses low for the whole lifespan of their devices!

Our service also include a refill maintenance.


How to obtain Movalube?

Our services begin with clarifying what lubrication needs does the customers device have. According to the customers needs we can provide the right type of lubrication system for his device.

  • It is easy to get Movalube into a new device or into a one that is already in use.
  • You can order Movalube lubrication system from any truck dealer. Movalube systems are sold and installed by several body factories in Finland an d Sweden.
  • The dealer network also takes care of deliveries to used trucks.

Why should you get Movalube?


Automatic central lubrication system that saves money and improves the truck’s occupancy rate.


Movalube is the most reliable lubrication system on the market since it doesn’t require electricity to work.


Movalube is made to be functional even in cold northern environment. The devices are used in Nordic countries and it works just as well in cold and hot


Movalube  is the only lubricating system made totally in Finland. Company’s ownership and product design are also in Finland. As a mark of the it has The Key Flag symbol.  The production facility is located in Espoo.

The functionality of Movalube and its features

Mova lubrication system is powered by the hydraulics of device being lubricated. For example it greases the tail lift that it is attached to every time the tail lift is in use. This way there is no need for timers or electrical circuits. Because of this Movalube fits perfectly for VAK / ADR transportation!

Movalube system is built from modules that are compatible with each other. Therefore, you can easily customize the lubrication system for every need. Individual modules can be directed to work independently and at its own phase. This feature makes sure of that a single grease point doesn’t get lubricated unnecessarily and every grease point gets its required amount of lubrication.

The volume of the grease tank is 5 liters. For example an usual tail lift uses uses that amount of grease in half year. Often the grease will last until the next scheduled maintenance and the filling can be done simultaneously when the truck is in maintenance.

Patented system

The automatic lubrication system planned and produced by Movalube is patented in Europe. At the moment the main marketing area is Finland and other Nordic countries. Movalube devices have been sold into every Nordic country, but most of the devices are being sold into Finland or Sweden.

Fleetlog’s telematics

Movalube device can also be equipped with fleetlog’s telematics which is able to send information into a phone or a computer when the system requires attention.

This enables:

  • Notifications about the lack of grease.
  • You can locate the device.
  • Telematics is compact and works even years with it’s own power source. It is designed for a vehicle use andequipped with replaceable lithium batteries.
  • Information on grease filling needs can be sent to maintenance planning system of Fleetlogis. And then forward to service personnel’s cell phone or vehicle computer.
  • The maintenance planning system has versatile features e.g. for reporting costs and other maintanance information.
  • The telematics system can be extended. Other vehicle systems can be connected to it. Such as CAN-FMS bus, external sensors (humidity, pressure, light, voltage, current), door sensors and temperature measurement according EN12830.

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