Movalube TL 12


Movalube TL 12

Simple idea – great solution

MovaLube TL is an automatic lubrication system that includes hydraulic pressure operated central unit, lubricant tank and hose assembly. The innovation is “mallisuojattu” in Finland and has a European wide patent application pending.

MovaLube TL uses tail lift’s own hydraulic pressure to automatically lubricate lift’s hinges and pins when the equipment is operated.

MovaLube is always sold as assembled and installed. You can order the product from here and we will contact you to agree on installation time and place.

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Biggest benefits

MovaLube TL is service free and has been successfully in use since 2010. Order MovaLube TL today and experience these benefits:

Improves your fleet´s operation rate

MovaLube reduces down days and allows more operating hours. MovaLube automatically lubricates tail lift’s hinges in all weather conditions without manual service work. Lubrication tank refill can be done in vehicle’s scheduled service.

Improves work place safety

Worn tail lift hinges and axles are a serious safety issue. Breaking hinge may cause collapse of the tail lift’s platform and injure operator and bystanders. Choose MovaLube and you will remove a work place safety risk.

Works in all weather conditions

MovaLube generates high hydraulic pressure in the lubrication system. This keeps hinges lubricated in all weather conditions and helps to keep salt, sand, dust and other external material out of the hinges. MovaLube has been in failure free operation in tens of vehicles in harsh arctic conditions since 2010. MoveLube comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

Help to keep schedules

Tail lift might move up and down more than 50 times a day. Lubrication failure is the most common reason for abrupt equipment breakdown. MovaLube keeps the tail lift lubricated at all times and helps to avoid unnecessary service break. MovaLube – more happy customers.

Pay back in less than a year

The more delivery points the faster pay-back time is. The investment is paid back in heavy use even under one year. The fleet´s  operation rate increases, maintanance costs decreases and MovaLube TL 12 eliminates the break-down of tail lift. Repairing costs of broken tail lift typically exceeds the price of MovaLube TL12.

Easy to install

MovaLube installation requires no special tools and the assembly can be completed in just a few hours. MovaLube can be used with all tail lift brands.

Improves resale value and extends service free operation time

Failure to regularly lubricate tail lift reduces its life span and ultimately repair cost may be economically unviable. Investing on MovaLube keeps the costs down and the tail lift in fully usable condition at all times. This will help to retain vehicle’s resale value.

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