Paul Rehn


Paul Rehn is specialised in distribution deliveries in the metropolitan area of Helsinki

Over 40 years in business has shown that flexibility, and keeping the tight schedules are keys for success in the competition. Experienced and skillful personnel ensures good and long-lasting relationships with partners and customers alike. They have 25 trucks with tail-lifts and four trailers in operation. All their trucks are equipped with tail-lifts.

MovaLube TL12 works day-in-day-out

A distribution truck can easily stop 40 times a day to deliver or fetch goods which means that a tail lift is used 80 times a day. The tail lift manufacturers instruct to lubricate the joints every 5000 km whereas the service intervals of modern trucks are even 30.000 km. The joints and pins of the tail-lift are subject to harsh conditions especially during the winter as salt and sand wears the joints. Moreover the back of the truck is usually covered with snow and ice.

This was the reason MD Paul Rehn decided to trial MovaLube TL12 central lubrication system in 2012. He is extremely content with his decision and comments: “MovaLube TL12 has worked very well in our truck. What I like most is that MovaLubeTl12 lubricates the joints only when the tail-lift is operated.  We had to change the hoses of the device last summer but this was the only service we needed to do in three years”.